Friends of Shoal Harbour River
In February 2008, citizens of Clarenville/Shoal Harbour and surrounding communities gathered together with representatives of SAEN (Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland) to discuss concerns being experienced on Shoal Harbour River.

During that meeting the issues of poaching, habitat destruction/deterioration, etc were identified as serious threats to the fish species that inhabit the river system.

Friends of Shoal Harbour River (FOSHR) was created to help address these problems. Comprised of local citizens, the group has set out to protect the river and the many species of fish and wildlife that inhabit its ecosystem.

FOSHR is a non-profit community-based watershed management group that is committed to the awareness, protection and enhancement of the Shoal Harbour River watershed. We became incorporated in May 2008. Our group consists of professionals, trades workers, teachers, business owners, etc.

Mission Statement

To protect, preserve and enhance the Shoal Harbour River ecosystem for today as well as tomorrow. The group shall achieve this through focusing its efforts on activities that will ensure a diverse, healthy and sustainable river system for us and future generations.

Board of Directors

  • Scott Wareham - President
  • Jeff Roberts - Chairman
  • Dave Patey - Secretary / Treasurer
  • Wally Harris - Director
  • Dale Avery - Director
  • Rodney Hobbs - Director
  • Bob Parsons - Director
  • Bob Eddy - Director
  • Bob Dillon - Director

DFO Representatives
  • Max Holwell