Any Fisherman wishing to report news please email us so we can add it to our reports.

Oct 7/09
Fished the mouth of Shoal Harbour river 6:00pm seen 4 fish jump. Then I fished the Small swimming hole and seen 3-4 fish jump and hooked a Rainbow trout, approx 3lbs, but lost him fairly quick. The water is fairly fast, the fish are sitting in the back of the pool, and below in the fast current. To bad we could not have a bit longer to fish for these rainbow trout but this is the last day for fishing this river. -RR

Oct 4/09
Fished upper swimming hole this evening and found myself with this beauty at the end of my line. - RH

Sept 23/09
Fished Shoal Harbour River at the Salt Water pool this morning. Water temp was cool and levels were perfect for fishing. Fished for about 2 hrs and went through numerous trout flies and caught nothing, so I tied on a # 8 white wing blue charm with a caribou wing and on the sec cast up came a nice and shiny brown trout about 2 pounds. What a fighter for such a small fish and he was full of sea lice. -RH

Aug 25/09
I decided to go fishing today. Tried the mouth of the river, tried a few flies, never seen anything. Went to Triners pit, never seen anything. Went to Andrews pond pool, tried a few flies, never seen anything. Last spot to try, Tulk's pool. Water was still moving fairly fast just a couple days after the tropical storm went through, its about 2:30 pm in the day. My luck is starting to run out for the summer. I started by taking out my fly line on the sandy spot before the pool. I picked up my line and started to fish in front of the pool on the left side like I always do. I used one of my own flies, similar to the silver doctor but with a red butt. Tried all over the pool. No luck. I tried a few more flies and still no luck. I was there about a 20 minutes, never seen a fish or anything jumping like they usually do. I guess there's no fish here. I decided to try one more thing before I go, the orange bomber (Smokey Balls). I started to rip out the fly line, about 30 feet or so.

I whipped it over this spot 3 times across the pool in front of a big rock that was under the water. I let the Bomber fall ever so lightly and as soon as it hit the water a 6 lbs 63cm salmon horse shoed it and I had a tight line. Well my adrenaline rushed through me like you wouldn't believe. First I thought it was a big trout. I was caught off guard. It took my line all over the pool. I didn't see it at all, the water was a bit dark. It took a run in the middle of the pool and jumped. SALMON. Finally, I hooked one. I was wondering if it was too big but it jumped again, had a good look at it and I decide to keep it on. I was sure it was small enough to keep. It took a while to land but I finally had it stopped sitting below me in front of my boots still lying in the water. I have a mark on my rod to measure salmon so I made sure it was a keeper and it was. I tried for one more but no more luck today. I don't think there were many fish hooked in Shoal Harbour this year so I decide to share this with you all. Can't wait till next year. - RR

August 4/09
Fished Tulk's Hole at Shoal Harbour River last evening, was a beautiful day for fishing, a little hot at first but soon cooled off to be a nice cool evening. Water levels are not too bad but are still low as to prevent a good presentation. Temp of water is holding at about 19. Fish are holding in the pool in numbers but not taking.

July 31/09
Fished Tulk's Hole this evening and found it to be quite relaxing there, flies were not too bad for this time of year and the light breeze kept most of them at bay. Saw a few fish moving in the main pool and a lot of larger fish, along with some big sea trout off to the side pool in a couple of deep holes. Had a few rises on the Orange bomber and the Orange bug but no takers. Tried numerous flies but to no avale. Water levels are not bad for this time of year and the temp is still pretty cool too. If we continue to have little showers of rain during the night i think the fish have a good chance of getting to the spawning beds to do thier thing. Also i would like to add that it is good to see the Guardians are making a good presance on the river as will, keep up the good work. -RH

July 29/09
Fished Tulks hole. Lots of salmon but not flying. Hooked a couple of nice brook trout around a 1lb each. Great evening for fishing all the same, saw a few fish moving up river into the pool late. Highlight was the 3 Great Horned Owls perched in the tree overlooking the pool. -CN

July 24/09
Fished the stopping hole Friday afternoon . Seen one salmon and a few big trout. Rose it several times but it would not take the fly. Tried a two wing dry fly. Worked very well. I'd say if it were very early in the morning it would of taken the fly for sure. Seen several people fishing the mouth of the river today. I believe there were only two fish there then. - RR

July 23/09
Fished the Trouting hole up on the highway down to the highway bridge. Checked the mouth of the river, a few holes up river. Never seen a salmon. Very slow year for the salmon so far. - RR

Wednesday July 22 at 6:00PM
Saw school of 8-10 salmon swimming back and forth under causeway bridge. Saw one jump just above bridge. Checked by old trussel, crossing place and dam but saw no fish. Seems like they are waiting for river conditions to improve. - BP

July 22/09
Saw a large school of salmon swimming at the causeway for the past three days. Fished the flats to the Trouting hole above the highway and landed three sea trout. Seen no salmon. Fished Tucks Hole. Saw many salmon in crib area. They would not take the fly. Tried many different flies. Used one of my homemade flies. Landed a 2 lbs sea trout first cast as soon as it hit the water. The salmon looked fairly healthy, a few jumped. One was at least 15lbs. -RR

July 18/09
Fished Tulks Hole, noticed about 4 salmon, fished them for about an hour with no success. Caught a nice brookie about 1 lb a little further down river. Heard tonight that people were watching large schools of salmon swimming around Shoal Harbour Wharf, sounds like the main run!!! -CN

July 16/09
Seen one grilse above the highway past the flats. Rose it three times but no success. - RR

July 14/09
Fished the mouth of the River. A few people fishing the mouth of the river aswell, many fish in the hole. A few rises but none hooked. - RR

July 14/09
There was a small run of salmon that was seen throughout the river system and brought many fisherman to the river. A few rises but no salmon reported as being hooked. -RR