Hereís a few facts about the new Water Treatment Plant on Shoal Harbour River:

  • The water storage tank capacity is 1,292,000 US gallons.
  • The water plant is capable of producing 8.5 million litres (2,245,462 US gallons) per day.
  • During summer months the plant produces from Shoal Harbour river 1,300,000 US gallons per day and in the winter as low as 850,000 US gallons.
  • Once the Shoal Harbour dam is at 1.6m high a sensor goes off and the Water Treatment plant operator will open the Andrew Pondís dam to allow more water to flow.
  • Dept of Environment & Conservation Water Resources Management Division conduct tests on the river 4 times a year to test the chemical and mineral content of the River and also the tap water.
  • The Water Treatment Plant Operators test the tap water daily for chemical and mineral content levels.